New regulations in Puerto Rico require that anyone paid to offer guiding service must be
certified by local Government.  When hiring a Guide, you should verify that the person is
certified by the Puerto Rico Tourism Board.  Groups visiting Puerto Rico should and must
hire local Certified Tour Guides.
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"As the path of the birds in the air or of fishes in the water is invisible, even so is the path of the possessors of wisdom."
We are open 7 days a week!
For nature, adventure, and cultural tours, please visit our sister website at AdvenTours PUERTO RICO
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Transportation is available from San Juan,
Mayagüez, and Ponce ports.   All our vehicles
comply with Government´s requirements.
World Birding Tours Network
All our Guides live in Puerto Rico.  Not only we know the best spots to find the
but we also know our history, culture, and natural resources.
Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea,
Puerto Rico is the smallest of the Greater Antilles, part of the
Caribbean Biodiversity Hotspot, and a BirdLife´s Endemic
Bird Area (EBA 029 - Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands).  
Endemics, Antillean and Caribbean specialties, migratory
species, rare birds, native and resident species are waiting for
you to be discovered.
100% of your money stays in Puerto Rico.
With a limited geographic
area, our avifauna consists
of 349 species of birds, of
which 17 are endemic
species. Near 120 species
breed in our territory,
others overwinter in our
archipelago.  While the
Caribbean region hosts
208 endemic bird species,
we have 12% of those
endemic species, plus
other Caribbean
"Winter" in Puerto Rico
This is why Puerto Rico
makes an ideal birding

"Puerto Rico is an incubator of
evolution, with 16 surviving
endemic bird species on an
island only 100 by 35 miles in
size. In the USA by
comparison, the 48 contiguous
US states have more than 800
times as much land area, but
only 11 surviving endemic bird
species. In addition 25 species
of birds endemic to the West
Indies occur in Puerto Rico."

Half, full, and multi-day birding trips!
After 20 years in business, all birding trips are now offered
using our new brand name for the birding programs:
Puerto Rico
by AdvenTours.  Our initial objective is still
alive:  to offer a high quality service on all our personalized
Since 1992 AdvenTours has been pioneer offering private
birding trips in Puerto Rico.  

We are a fully licensed birding tour operator with Certified
Guides/Drivers by the Government and
with all necessary
permits and endorsements from the Government to offer
our services
, including bird watching and night owling
at El Yunque National Forest
Join one of our birders around our national territory. Whether
you are for a few hours, one day or just planning your next
trip to Puerto Rico,  
we have the right birding alternative
for you!

As a responsible traveler your money is invested 100% in
Puerto Rico since we sponsor local initiatives
drivers, hotels, and restaurants).
Our birding trips are offered
on a private basis:  half,
full or multiple day trips,
plus all-inclusive birding
packages.  Check the
dates of our scheduled
birding trips if you want to
share with other birders.
Photo birding trips
, birding
kayak trips and pelagic
birding are available upon
special request.  
Disabled birders are welcome!
The new Birding Season
2014 - 2015 starts today

Welcome to Birding Puerto Rico!
Birds are ready and we are
ready.  Are you ready?

We invite you to navigate through our website
and plan your birding trip with us.  We are a full
licensed tour company with 23 years of
experience customizing islandwide half, full,
multi days, and all-inclusive birding packages.
If what you are looking is not depicted in this
website, please contact us and one of our
experts will assist you in customizing your
birding vacation as per your requests.  
Go Birding!
6d/5n, call for price!
August through December
Target bird:  Puerto Rican Parrot off-breeding season
Available for 2 PAX, please ask for price.

Sounds of Puerto Rico
8d/7n, call for price!
Nature & Birding Tour Package
January through April, 2014
All-inclusive BIRDING Tour Packages
On the Eastern tip, we
can find the
that nest
in our territory.  We
created this birding
route to give you the
opportunity to see all
hummers in a short time
frame.  Includes a short
stop at El Yunque National
Forest and the Eastern
coast dry zone.  For more
visit this
Private birding trips are the
best alternative for
require more time to take
home the perfect shot of one
our birds.  

For the past twenty one
years, we have offering this
option islandwide.  You will
go with a local Birder Guide
directly to where we know
the bird will be.  Excellent
for cruise ship passengers.

Beginner birders or
photographers can join one
of our photography

For photography birding
visit this section.
Groups and extended families are welcome.  
Please contact our Group Department for quote.
Our main office is located in

This region is home of some of the  
species that are not found or are less
common in the East:  Elfin Woods
Warbler, Yellow-shouldered Black Bird,
Lesser Antillean Pewee, Puerto Rican
Nightjar, Green Mango.
Half, full, and multi-day birding Mayagüez.
For more information on American
Birding Association´s PRINCIPLES
, please visit
website.  You will find additional
information on the
LINKS section.
Promote the welfare of
birds and their environment
Need more birding days?

We have several options for
all-inclusive birding packages.
As part of our social responsibility, in 2002 we founded
Puerto Rican Association of Interpretation
and Education, Inc.
).  Through APIE we coordinate bird
counts (Mayagüez, Maricao, Vieques Island), endemic
bird festival (Maricao), also we participate as speakers in
different activities promoting conservation through
APIE also offer trainings and continue education for Tour
Guidesand Environmental Interpreters.