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As part of the Caribbean Biodiversity Hotspot, and a
BirdLife´s Endemic Bird Area (EBA 029 - Puerto
Rico and the Virgin Islands), Puerto Rico is a small
paradise for birders.  Whether you are exploring
our national territory on your own or with one of our
Guides, these half day birding trips are the perfect
option if you are short of time or if  you want to
combine different scenarios.
We are a full-licensed birding operator with all
permits from the Government (Certified Tour
Guide/Driver, vehicles) to offer our services
Disabled birders are

  • El Yunque National Forest - Only 45 minute drive from
    San Juan, El Yunque is a must see nature wonder.  We
    have special permits to go birding to the Forest before
    and after the gates are open/close to the general public.  
    On previous full-day birding trips we have spotted 16 of
    our 17 endemic species.

  • Eastern Region - Low elevations and strong winds off
    the ocean are responsible for Puerto Rico´s second
    subtropical dry forest area.  Six endemics species, plus
    eastern tip specialties:  Antillean Crested Hummingbird
    and Green-throated Carib.  

  • Caguas - Consider part of the Eastern-Central Region,
    the town of Caguas is located 30 minutes from San Juan
    which makes it an excellent option for late departure
    cruise ships or flights.  

  • North Belt Region - Puerto Rico has two major karst
    regions, northern and southern.  The northern karst
    covers an imaginary line from San Juan International
    Airport to Aguadilla/Punta Borinquen International
    Airport.  Three half-day birding trips within this region:  
    Old San Juan, San Juan/Piñones, and Arecibo.  Looking
    for our Parrot?  This is the best option.

  • West / Southwest - This is home of three of our rarest
    birds:  Elfin Woods Warbler, Yellow-shouldered Blackbird,
    and Nightjar.  Except for the Parrot, 16 out of 17 endemic
    species are found in this region.  The diversity of habitat
    allows us to suggest six alternatives:   Cartagena Lagoon,
    Salt Flats, Maricao, Guánica, Mayagüez, and Guajataca.
Photo by René Fuentes, 2009.
If you want to see all the endemic species, we suggest a
full-day birding trip or the Western Endemic Bird Trail.  
You can also
combine two options.  A night option is
available for the Nightjar.
"As the path of the birds in the air or of fishes in the water is invisible, even so is the path of the possessors of wisdom."
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